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Accept and Kreator at the Rickshaw – includes interview with Wolf Hoffman

Greetings minions!   The metal file is back – in blog form!  You can still check my other blogs at but I think we need our old classic atmosphere  so update your browsers to

First I need to congratulate The Invisible Orange.  These guys are definitely THE metal promoters in Vancouver – they know how to throw a party.  The place was packed, it was sweaty and smelly, the beer was good and the sound was great.  Perfect metal atmosphere.  I wasn’t even thrashing around much, but by the time I stumbled home my lady told me I smelt just a little bit like a hobo.  You guys have my undying support for every event you throw. 

I spoke with Accept guitarist / mainman Wolf Hoffman before the show – here’s our raw unedited chat.  

Did you miss my dulcet tones? 

Accept did exactly what I saw them do in Montreal on their last tour, they converted everyone into die-hard fans.  That’s what happens when you know what you’re doing… ’nuff said.

In the past two days I have seen Anthrax, Testament, Accept and Kreator  and I have to say Kreator stole the show.  I have to agree with what the Dorf said to me when describing the Montreal gig:  Mille is the best thrash vocalist out there.  Kreator are doing Slayer’s thing better than anyone else these days.  Pure heavy metal.   And the new album is the best thing they’ve done in years.  I’m spinning it heavily on Headbangers Galaxie so you’re bound to hear lots of it.

On a side note, I learnt something about Vancouver on the walk home.  I took a lot of wrong turns  and every time I asked for directions I got nothing but confusion – except for when I asked homeless people.  The hobo’s are the only ones who know their way around this city.  Either that or they are the only ones who know how to give clear precise directions…. put these guys on the radio or something!

ps:  Zappa Plays Zappa just announced:  December 22 at the Commodore – don’t miss it!!!