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Zappa plays Zappa at the Commodore Ballroom, includes interview

December 24, 2012

Another mind-blowing set by the ZPZ crew.  I’m not gonna go into too many details reviewing it as I know that the tour is hitting the east coast early next year and I’m worried about spoilers.  That and since I don’t have a boss I can do whatever I want  – nyah nyah nyah!

I spoke with Dweezil before the show, gotta admit I was a little worried that I would either over-nerd, or not be nerd enough.  He was really cool and chill and casually played guitar the whole chat… which was pretty sweet.

I think a great way to review this show is from the point of view of my lady – we listened to Overnight Sensation  and Hot Rats a bunch last month to get her in the right mindset and she was pretty excited.  Shortly after walking in she stated that “there are even less girls here than a metal show”.  I went to the bar for a pint and some dude came up and congratulated me on bringing a girl to the show, his girlfriend “finds the music to weird”.  Well, she loved it.   Danced for the entire two and a half hour set, later told me that girls shouldn’t be afraid of how the music sounds at home because live and loud it just becomes funky, heavy dance music.  I was very happy.


Dweezil is calling this the “decades” tour, where they are going through all era’s from the 60s to 80s.   It’s the smallest ZPZ band yet, six people on stage making a huge sound.   If you have the time, it’s really worth the extra few bucks to see the soundcheck.   What else can I say?  It’s awesome – if you haven’t seen them yet then make sure to, if you have seen them then go see them again.

I didn’t film this but found it using the “internet”.   I think the dude posted a bunch from the show.. see ya next year!

  1. glenn permalink

    Same songs played on each tour….Maybe different for each tour. His excuses are lame. He should be ashamed. 4 years and 3 months.

  2. glenn permalink

    I’m sorry, a Zappa cover band playing Van Halen covers…..Real surprising. I’m surprised how much the Halloween tickets cost. Many surprises with this band. Surprised they still have enough of an audience to make money. After all…They’re Only In It For The Money.

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