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Corrosion of Conformity at the Biltmore. Includes interview with Reed Mullin

December 13, 2012

Once again my move to the Waste Coast was justified… I got to see C.O.C. twice in one year.  Predictably,  my review will be full of observations about the Vancouver scene but let’s start with the interview.

I spoke with drummer Reed Mullin before the show, this is a very important interview for all musicians as we talked about the way they are distributing their new ep “Megalodon“.   Sorry about the occasional scratches on the sound – I’ve gone from using a pro on-air studio to sitting in a tour van with an audio recorder.  Deal with it, I know you miss my dulcet tones.

When I walked into the club, which has a basement feel and a very low stage, the coat check girl asked if I wanted to check my water bottle as well.  I was skeptical, being used to begging for a plastic glass that you have to fill up in the bathroom.  Lo and behold, on a table beside the bar were two giant fountain style jugs of clean fresh water and a stack of glasses.  Just like Alice Cooper says, It’s the little things…”

I saw two of the opening acts, a local group named Black Wizard who were quite good and Saviours from California.  I’ll be tracking down some Saviours tunes to add to the Galaxie playlist – they were great.

I’m starting to make some metal friends, but as usual I spent most of the time wandering alone observing the Vancouverites and their ultra-polite ways.  Some dude noticed my Agnostic Front t-shirt and came running out of the crowd to tell me that someone else a few rows ahead of him was wearing a matching backpatch.  Very nice of him to point that out….   A girl stepped on my toe and had to check three times that I was alright before moving back to her friends, and the DJ was playing vinyl.  When the bands were on stage he was actually able to leave the needle on the record with absolutely no fear that someone would knock it off the groove.  I also noticed that most punk rock girls in BC look like Spike and Liz from Degrassi or Kim Kelly from Freaks and Geeks.  I went to the bartender, pointed to the Porter and said “I’d like to try that one”, meaning I wanted a pint.  He actually poured me a taster glass first.   Throughout the night I enjoyed a local Porter, a taste of Vancouver’s finest and a Nutbrown Ale.  Very satisfying buzz for a night of stoner metal…

Corrosion of Conformity killed it!   Roughly the same set as the Montreal show, with a bigger focus on Eye For An Eye and the new EP.   Woody Woodrow must have drunk just the right amount of beer because his playing was spot on and he was jumping and dancing around with a huge smile on his face the entire time.  Mike Dean’s bass was super Sabbath-y, and not surprisingly Reed destroyed the drums.   All in all the show was as enjoyable as the last time I saw them at Foufs – they are a band you can depend on to satisfy every time.



oh yeah, if you`re into stoner metal I’ve recently discovered Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats.  Check em out!

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