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Review: GWAR at the Vogue Theater

November 13, 2012

It’s gonna take me a while to figure this one out…. this tour didn’t hit Montreal so i don’t know if it’s a Vancouver thing or a tour thing but GWAR in Vancouver was…. different.

Here is the t shirt I wore last night.  Notice anything?  You can still see some white.  In Montreal you could not even hide in the balconies, last night you had to be up close in the pit if you wanted to be doused in blood.  Also, a few too many people commented on how great my Tina Turner Tour T was.  I actually felt bad about ruining it.

“We love you Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!”   I’ve never heard Oderus say anything nice to the crowd.  Could this be a kinder, gentler GWAR tour?  Did the loss of Corey Smoot make them rethink things?  Could they really just like it here?  Or will the public here not support a bunch of messy jerks?  I’m still trying to figure this one out.

The best kept secret about GWAR is the fact that they are a sick band.  When describing GWAR no one says “They have been touring for almost 30 years, write amazing albums and are rediculously tight!”  All you hear about are the theatrics, which by the way never disapoint.  On this tour they kill Jesus, Hitler, Obama, and Super-Hardcore-Jesus.  Setlist was great and the new guitarist fits like a glove.  They covered “Carry On My Wayward Son” as a very fitting tribute to Corey Smoot, truly almost brought a tear to my eye. By “Sick of You” I finally gave in to my childish loves and ran into the pit.

We arrived while Cancer Bats were on stage, my buddy said they are like what Billy Talent should be.  During Devildriver I finally understood how my girlfriend feels when I bring her to metal shows… it’s kind of loud, boring and doesn’t have much character or definition.

Oderus was kind enough to film this Movember promo video with me… I’m not sure what it means but it came out pretty funny.

This Friday:  My first Alice Cooper show in Vancouver!   Here’s an interview we recorded this summer after he opened for Iron Maiden in Montreal


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